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In my world, being nosey has always had bad connotations…”you’re too nosey”, “mind your own business”, “stay out of my affairs”, or even the extreme…”get out of my life!”

The dictionary even states “nosey” as “showing too much curiosity in other people’s business”, “prying into something”.

Well... I am having a change of frame around “nosey” For example, how do our pets greet us? With their nose!! Our pets use their nose to find out stuff about us, who we are, where we’ve been, what we’re up to and do we have food?!

I’m taking up their example and becoming more nosey, asking questions, finding out stuff, learning about new ideas, techniques and topics.

I just recently finished the big PPA (Professional Photographers of America) conference, and I stuck my nose into talks that I normally wouldn’t go to as I didn’t think that they pertained to the type of photography that I do…

Well…as a reward of prying into other people’s business, I learned a handful of new techniques and ideas!!! I can’t wait for my next photoshoot to experiment with these new ideas.

I know I’ve talked about inspiration and lack of, I have realized that nosiness can inspire and excite, bring new thoughts, concepts and ideas. I would encourage nosiness in your life and even suggest that those who are not are doomed to a life of sameness and mediocraty.


                                                         “Nosey Pony”

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Aware https://www.flugstadphotography.com/blog/2021/1/aware  Are you aware? Have you ever wondered how you are perceived by others as you go through your day? I am guilty of abandoning self awareness...self awareness is WORK, it's constantly monitoring ones own actions and thoughts, and that takes soooo much energy.  Does anyone have that much energy and self discipline to activate self awareness 24/7? I would say not, it is sooo much easier to move through the day on autopilot.

However, self awareness does offer opportunities not offered while on autopilot....

I was doing my usual photoshoot at the Humane Society on New Years Day, my head involved with the usual issues of lighting, backgrounds and posing. I felt the day was going well, my thoughts moving on to the rest of the chores and demands that will require my attention in the remainder of the day and fully ignoring the present.

I sat down to work on editing the days shoot, my thoughts still bopping around past and future, not really registering the present until I reached this pic:

I had NOT noticed this cats BEAUTIFUL eyes during the shoot, the intensity, the questions, observing...I missed the moment, and I missed a chance to be engaged and involved. 

I regret missing the moment of this beautiful stare and all of the associated emotions, the awe, the delight, the deference to the natural beauty. 

I am lucky this time that I captured a missed moment with my camera, but I realize there have been countless moments that I have missed entirely, moments I will never experience and forever lost.



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True Beauty https://www.flugstadphotography.com/blog/2019/9/true-beauty  

Friday was a regular day, nothing spectacular, no unexpected news, just a regular day.

 I was going into my local animal shelter to do some glamour photos for the new arrivals that have come in since the last time I was there so that these forgotten souls could finally find a forever home.  We arrived at the shelter to find the usual happy business in taking care of the shelter animals, people cleaning cat boxes, volunteers taking dogs for walks, others cleaning out cages, feeding breakfast and filling water bowls.  I went about my business searching for the new cat arrivals, having already set up my camera and lighting equipment. The stage was set, and now all I needed was a shining star to photograph.

Most of the new cat arrivals tend to be withdrawn, afraid of the strange new surroundings and generally need a bit of coaxing out of their cardboard hideaways before we can pose them for their glamour headshot. I trolled the aisles and then came across Eve. 

Eve was beautiful, she had a light of intelligence and kindness emanating from her, she was forthright, loving, friendly and purring like crazy. I immediately knew that this was the perfect model. Eve was the epitome of a beautiful soul but a hard life had cursed her with the loss of an eye, tattered ears and a rough coat. My heart ached for Eve. We bundled Eve up into our arms and she purred all the way to the portrait stage, she was the perfect model, she new this was a ticket to a second chance in life and she showed us the true beauty of her soul...


That “regular” day re-emphasized what we all know but all too often don’t remember…kindness, love, forgiveness and understanding is the real beauty in this world. Let us not pass over love just because it doesn’t look like we think it should.


EveGood news! Eve was adopted to a forever home one week after posting this blog! yay!!


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